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Proposed results from the project

The results will provide an Open Source Framework for transforming the knowledge-base of SME┤s. It will produce a set of harmonized indicators for reporting IC thus forming a baseline for managerial business models. Harmonized IC reporting in Nordic IT companies will form a basis for more comprehensive Nordic actions that supports the use of such reporting and the value of use for those companies.


  • Framework of indicators and a methodology of measuring and interpreting
  • Collection of IC reports based on the framework
  • Structured framwork for IC assessments in the IT industry, an aid for selecting appropriate managerial steering models
  • Guideline for auditors and other stakeholders on how to read and analyse IC reports based on the proposed framework
  • Multimedia disk containing process documentation and case stories

Final IC reports (2005) from the PIP companies (Pdf):


T÷lvumi­lun hf.
Hugvit hf.
TM Software hf.
ANZA hf.
Ax hugb˙na­arh˙s hf.


Studio1-2 A/S
Oracle Danmark A/S A/S
Danish Probe
Itera Consulting Group


Movial Oy
Mermit Business Applications Oy
Creadesign Oy


Mamut ASA
Move Systems AS
24/7 Office AS


Metodicum/InfoService Sweden AB
Ciceronen Telecom AB
Sentensia Q AB
Aptic AB


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